How to pack a home before repair

The preparation of the room is of great importance for successful and well-done work. It starts with the packaging of furniture and flooring with nylon. Thin for furniture which stop the accumulation of dust on them and thick nylon for the floor to prevent scratching or dirt on it . The nylon is gripping by using a paper tape to the tile , parquet flooring, laminate floor of the room. I forgot to mention that it is nice if you can dismantle the sills of the floor and doors. A well-placed nylon ensures that the flooring will be clean and without injured.
Once you have packed everything it is okay to start removing the lighting and decorative covers of the power switches and sockets. For your convenience, it is a good idea to store the screws in an envelope or take a cap of some deodorant. This will be helpful when you need to get everything back in place. Be sure to use a phasomer for every electric work. If you do not feel safe and electricity is not your first friend, just try to peel them well with paper tape.

Как да опаковаме дома преди ремонт
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